Thursday, March 7, 2013

Chapter 2 - Maybe

‘Why don’t you and Drason come over for dinner?’  This was the third such invitation we had received in less than as many months.  Somehow the word had gotten out that we were considering homeschooling our kids, even though we had already decided that homeschooling was just not for us.  The inner me sighed at this request, but I couldn’t say no to the smiling lady before me, her and her husband had been so kind to us. So I agreed.  I asked Drason later that day if we could go, and he sighed out loud.  “This is another homeschooling thing isn’t it?” I shook my head, and reminded him of how kind they had been to us, “Don’t you think we had better go?”  He agreed and we loaded up the car with the boys and a sweet treat for dessert. 

As we drove to their home, I realized that they lived in the country much like we lived.  The drive there was beautiful, off the beaten path, and rugged without being out in the middle of nowhere. Their son leapt from a tree and ran happily clamoring into the house as we pulled in the drive.  They greeted us at the door and the kids split for the basement as we sat down to chat.  Dinner was almost ready and the conversation was easy and relaxed.  Mom called to her eldest daughter to come and bring the kids with her.  The daughter reappeared a few moments later with the 6 other children in tow. 

Dinner was modest and yummy, just as it should be, and children had wondered away to play with this and that as the adults sat and chatted.  That is when I realized that their eldest daughter hadn’t left the table.  She was listening to the conversation and even joining in occasionally.  She was well spoken, gracious, and she expressed her thoughts with clarity and humility, as well as (and probably better than) many adults.  I think my mouth must have been agape.  She and her mother went into the kitchen to prepare the dessert while Drason and her husband continued to chat. 

I sat there looking around their home, and it reminded me of our home.  Some boy scout craft project/ home made bow and arrow was propped in the corner of the living room.  The house was neat, but comfortably lived. The kids were outside jumping from the back deck and playing in the edge of the woods with stick swords.  Mom returned with the yummy dessert and offered me a tour of their home.  Soon we were walking into her basement home school room.  There were several tables and desks and walls of shelves filled with books.  The room was messy, yet clearly organized, chaos with purpose.

When we returned to the guys their eldest daughter sat with us and chatted.  I was sure she had to be an adult, so I asked her if she was going to college in the fall.  Imagine my surprise to hear that she was 15!  The sun set while we asked her and her parents a million questions about homeschooling. 

When we left she hugged me and handed me a stack of first grade readers for Marshal and Mason.  I tried to hand them back, but she insisted, simply asking that I pass them on to another family when we were done with them.  My head was swimming as we herded three sleepy boys to the car and finally headed for home.   I looked at Drason and he looked at me…. ‘Maybe’ he said.

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